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Join us for the time of your life!

Village Hill Cohousing is an inclusive community now developing less than one mile from downtown Northampton, Massachusetts. We are seeking new members who wish to lead a life centered around community involvement, ecological sustainability, and supportive friendships.

OUR COMMUNITY formally began in July 2014. We are currently working with Sunwood Builders (link to http://www.sunwood-builders.com) and Fitch Architecture and Community Design (link to https://www.facdarchitects.com), to cooperatively design our site, the landscape, our common house and 28 homes of various configurations. The entire infrastructure of the Village Hill Cohousing site will be energy-smart that balances a greatly reduced ecological impact with sustainability and livability. Our community is in formation but is not built yet. We are hoping it will be under construction in 2018.

OUR COMMUNITY is currently half filled and we are seeking new members to fill the remaining spots.
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Village Hill Cohousing will be:

  • Energy-smart homes
  • Permaculture principles & design
  • Surrounded by protected woodlands
  • Built around a common house, gardens and shared resources
  • Child-friendly & elder-honoring
  • A short walk or bike ride to downtown
  • Accessible to food, entertainment, culture, education, outdoor fun, & more!

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Apply for Explorer Status!

Learning more about Village Hill Cohousing is the first step to joining!

Download and fill out the application for Village Hill Cohousing Explorer Status. By completing and returning this form you will be taking the next steps toward joining us on the top of the hill!

Application form (click to download—you may need to right-click on some computers)

Print, and fill out the form. Attach a $50 (non-refundable) application fee, and send via USPS mail to the address on the form.

We would love to hear from you.

Send us an email with some information about yourself.

Tell us how you heard about Village Hill Cohousing—where you live now—what your interest is—and anything else you think is worth knowing. Please give us a phone number too. Sometimes it’s just easier to pick up the phone and give you a call back.

We look forward to hearing from you!

** Please include a phone number in your message. We can sometimes respond fastest with a callback! **
Village Hill Cohousing panoramic view of future site
The Village Hill Cohousing site is located less than one mile from the center of downtown Northampton, MA. Ease of walking, bike paths, and extensive bus routes make this a perfect location for eco-minded families and individuals who want to live lightly on the land in a forward thinking larger community.

Check out some of the nearby features in the DROP-DOWN MENU on this live map!
VILLAGE HILL COHOUSING aspires to be a diverse, multi-generational community committed to compassionate living— through respect, kindness, and generosity for each other, the land, and the wider community in which we live. One mile from vibrant, downtown Northampton, Massachusetts, and surrounded by 400 acres of conservation land, we are creating an ecologically-sustainable neighborhood of beauty and peace where we support each other’s goals of healthy living and personal growth. We encourage mutual support and positive connections while honoring personal privacy. We seek to foster the belonging, meaning, and purpose that comes from sharing ourselves with others and celebrating life’s gifts with integrity.
Wild flowers and detention pond near center of Village Hill Cohousing site
Cattails and wild flowers surround the detention pond on the building site.
Compassionate Living
We cultivate compassion in our relationships by:
  • Communicating openly and directly
  • Assuming good will in all our interactions
  • Practicing curiosity rather than judgment
  • Committing to conflict resolution

Ecological Sustainability
We are committed to minimizing our environmental impact by:
  • Designing and constructing net-zero energy homes and common house
  • Using recyclable and recycled building materials, as feasible
  • Growing/supporting growth of organic food
  • Installing permaculture-inspired landscaping and plantings
  • Using non-toxic products and practices, where possible
  • Supporting healthful living
  • Recycling, conserving energy, using alternate modes of transport, sharing resources, buying locally, and simplifying our lifestyles

Community & Connection
We embrace an open and collaborative community through:
  • SELF-GOVERNANCE — We strive to include all voices and reach agreements that are acceptable to all. We seek a balance between multiple perspectives, values and ideals.
  • WORKWe commit to sharing the work of the community, contributing our time, talents, and effort to keep VHC functioning well.
  • SOCIAL CONNECTIONS — We honor and respect the balance between individual connection, community engagement, and privacy. We are committed to being good neighbors and developing mutually-supportive environments that encourage interaction while honoring individual needs .
  • SHARING — RESOURCES: We support sharing of resources among members (eg: tools, equipment, dogs). ACTIVITIES: We support sharing community activities (picnics, exercise, parties, childcare). COMMUNITY MEALS: Shared meals help build and sustain the cohesive community.

An Inclusive Community
We value difference and the richness it brings.

  • Our buildings and grounds are designed to be accommodating and adaptable.
  • Our community welcomes families and individuals of all ages. We rejoice in children, and honor and celebrate elders.
  • We include a mix of housing types, sizes and prices.
  • We are committed to promoting inclusiveness and respect for all. We welcome diversity of cultural and religious background, race, ethnicity, national origin, familial status, veteran or military status, socioeconomic class, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, education, and abilities within our midst, so that all may feel included and comfortable in our community.

Beyond Village Hill—The Larger Community
We seek to engage with and support the larger community.

Permaculture landscaping at Village Hill Cohousing includes fruit trees like peaches

Permaculture landscaping provides food as well as beauty

Mill river below Village Hill Cohousing site

Preserving our clean water is essential.
Village Hill Cohousing planning meeting members pose for a group shot
On the final day of the Site Development Workshop (9/6/14) some of the group present gathered around one preliminary plan to have a look and snap a photo for our albums.
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